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Setup Tips Links

The Net Guide to Getting Started

These sites will help get you understand the technical elements of Fast Electrics. It is worth going back to reread these sites regularly. The more you learn the more you are able to benefit from them and the experience of others. None of them is a dud.

While we are on water every pirate needs a little treasure - for fast electrics a chest load can be found in Basic Fast Electrics (Airage) by Jay Turner, Fast Electric Boats (Traplet) by Paul Williams and John Finch’s Advanced RC Boat Modelling (Airage) Bob Boucher’s The Electric Motor Handbook (Astroflight) are great sources of information you will come to treasure.

Most of the links on this page should take you right to the appropriate article. If you have any problems please contact us.

Andrew Gilchrist

General Race setup



Jay Turner on setting up 4 cell hulls on Rum Runner Racing Rum Runner
Bob Boucher article on getting scale performance from planes. An enormous amount of information which demystifies the techniques of getting scale models to perform like their 1:1 relatives - want a 50mph 1/16!? Astro Flight
Glen Quarries IMPBA .21 1/16th mile record holder gives away the secrets of speed in this International Waters interview International Waters
Specs and pics of the Reesor Boat Works race team boats RBW
Specs and pics of the Rum Runner Racing team boats Rum Runner


Wavemaster (and Speed Vee) Outboards get the 700 treatment. fastelectrics.com - in .pdf
Blade Runner  (and Blue Streak, Jetstream 800 ABC Baltek and ABC Super Hawaii)  ľa heart transplant and new sponsons make this dog a blaster. fastelectrics.com - in .pdf
Mr Micro Bullet Greg Schweers shows you how to blast in 6 or 8 cells - Rum Runner Racing Rum Runner
Don Wollards article on setting up a hull with 6 cells and stock motor Rum Runner
Crackerbox (Maus and DPI) by Dick Crowe - does it get any better - Electric Unlimiteds Northwest Electric Unlimiteds Northwest
Crackerbox (Danvo) by Marek Pleskacz a different take on a fun formula Electric Unlimited’s Northwest
Tony Triechel on setting up a Pistolaro 22 Tony Triechel's site
Tony Triechel on setting up a Graupner B24 bat boat Tony Triechel's site
Reviews and comments on the Kyosho Jetstream, Jet Arrow Viper R and Viper ghimmelman
Hydro Marines Funspeed elegant and FAST stepped mono - Antonio Pires Antonio Pires
Prestwich Targa by Antonio Pires Antonio Pires
Mono Mania by John Finch on the International Model Power Boat Association (USA) site in Roostertail December 97 issue International Waters


Chris Harris of Hammerhead Marine gives up the good oil riggers on Rum Runner Racing Rum Runner
Ian Williams on setting up a 7 cell rigger for 4 minute plus race times Rum Runner Racing. Rum Runner
Ian Williams on setting up a 12 cell rigger for 4 minute plus race times Rum Runner Racing. Rum Runner
As close as you will get to a setup article from Jason Boyd or George Dalecki - the speed specialists - Reesor Boat Works RBW
RoadRunner rigger setup - a must to get you started on rigger design and setup RC Boat

1/16 Hydros

Maus Shovel - Still the #1- by Dick Crowe on Electric Unlimiteds Northwest Electric Unlimiteds Northwest
Barry Janzen’s Volcanic Splash on Rum Runner Racing - Also see Radio Control Boat Modeler’s site which has a review of the splash by Greg Vogel. Rum Runner

1/12th Hydros

Larry Larson gives the low down on Dave Frank’s Oboy Oberto on Rum Runner Racing. Rum Runner
Maus 12 cell Shovelnose reviewed by Jeff Vasquez RC Boat Modeler
Setup manuals for Andy Kunz’s 12 cell sport hydros RC Hydros.com
Tony Triechel on setting up a DPI T-Plus for sport running. Tony Trichel's site

Tunnel Hulls

Andrew Gilchrist’s Article on Setting up Kyosho Wavemaster on Rum Runner Racing Rum Runner
Tony Triechel on setting up a MRP Bud Lite Tunnel for fun running Tony Triechel's site
Reviews of Great Planes Wildcat and MRP sprint cat ghimmelman
Antonio Pires writes honestly about what can go wrong if you do not take advice from others - finally the MRP Bud Light runs - but not before... Antonio Pires


Donnie Wollard reviews the construction of the Rum Runner Racing Offshore Cat. Rum Runner
Aeromarine Scorpian for Q & S Offshore
By Ken Joye
Rum Runner


Overview on prop preparation by Steve Reesor - Reesor Boat Works RBW
Propcutting explained and illustrated for 1400 1600 and x series props - R/CBoats rcboat

Hardware and gearboxes

Jay Turner gears up at Rumm Runner Racing Rum Runner


An article by Antonio Pires that anyone starting out should read Antonio Pires
Articels which explain and demystify - Absolutely necessary reading if you want t o know the truth - Nicad focus http://gnv.fdt.net/%7Eredscho/ Batteries.html
NiMH care and charging Team Trinity


Dick Crowe offers up the secrets of maintaining a good clean signal. A Rum Runners presentation Rum Runner
Donnie Wollard shows how to wire your motor to minimise radio interference Rum Runner
Allan Shillito has tips on reducing radio interference Astec


Steve Reesor provides an overview of current motor magnets RBW
Magnetsales information - everything you wanted to know about magnets and how they relate to motors magnetsales.com
Matthew Orme of Aveox proves a manufacturer can talk about electric motors without letting self interest cloud his thinking Aveox
Setups for electrics (as well as gas and nitro) Also see IW’s interviews Great tips on circuit and straight- line preparation International Waters
Electric motor setup article by Steve Hill on RRR Rum Runner
Donnie Wollard shows how to wire your motor to minimise radio interference Rum Runner
Jay Turner on building a dyno for $US120 Rum Runner
Hobby Lobby's tables on outputs and specifications for Graupner, Ultra/Plettenberg and Mega motors Hobby Lobby
Tests by Aveox dealer Jim Caldwell on Aveox, Astro, Plettenberg and Mega - let down by unrepresentative 05 tests and inappropriate Plett in the 6 cell test Rogell Marine


Hotups for Homelite gas motors Jim Nissen

Hull construction

Allan Shillito has assembled a group of tips from people like Andy Kunz and Ernie Lazenby on hull construction Astec

Free Boat Plans

Tom Moorehouse’s Firefighter .21 rigger on International Waters International Waters
Mike Hatt's 6-8 cell rigger - in the winners circle at the 2000 Florida Watts on Water
Commercial site offering plans for sale mono, catarmarns and riggers http://www.rcboatmodeler.com